Tres Hombres

Named after the third album by a little ol’ band from Texas, our house blend is an homage to family and an ode to all things Texas.

This blend is made up of three incredible coffees, from three distinct origins—Guatemala, Colombia, and of course Mexico. The care we put into each small batch brings out notes of fresh fruit, toasted nuts, caramel, and chocolate.

As you drink a cup of our house blend, we hope that you connect with your own roots and consider the culture that you are passing on to those around you.


12 oz bag / $18

Tres Hombrew house blend coffee made with direct trade beans
  • Origin

    Colombia, Guatemala, & Mexico

  • Region


  • Variety


  • Process

    Washed / Sun Dried

  • Altitude

    1,200–1,500 Meters

  • Roast


  • Notes

    Chocolate, Nuts, Caramel, Slight fruit finish

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One 12 oz Bag Is:


per whole oz


6 fl oz cups


per 6 fl oz cup