Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is a method of coffee preparation that involves steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for an extended period, typically 12 to 24 hours. The result is a smooth, rich coffee concentrate that can be diluted with water or milk to taste. Here in Texas, everyone loves a cold brew, especially everyone who has tried ours! We believe there are two secrets to amazing cold brew: Fresh, air roasted coffee from Haciendo Coffee Roasters, and a COFFEESOCK brand cold brew filter. You can purchase both the coffee and filters on our website or at a Farmers Market near you. 

Cold brew coffee with tres leches creamer in a Haciendo Coffee Roasters cup

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

1. Smooth Flavor: The extended steeping process results in a coffee with less acidity and bitterness compared to hot-brewed coffee.

2. Versatility: Cold brew concentrate can be used in various recipes, from iced coffee to coffee cocktails and desserts.

3. Convenience: A batch of cold brew can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, providing a quick and easy coffee option.

4. Less Acidic: The cold brewing process extracts fewer acidic compounds from the coffee grounds, making it gentler on the stomach.

Cold brew coffee in a Haciendo Coffee Roasters cup, next to a display of Coffeesock brand cold brew filters

Differences Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee

– Brewing Method: Cold brew is steeped in cold water for a long period, while iced coffee is brewed hot and then cooled down.

– Flavor Profile: Cold brew is typically smoother and less acidic, whereas iced coffee retains more of the acidity and brightness of hot coffee.

– Concentration: Cold brew is often stronger and can be diluted to taste, whereas iced coffee is usually consumed as brewed.

Cold brew coffee brewed, in a glass and pitcher, next to Haciendo Coffee Roasters Cold Brew Blend beans

How is Cold Brew Made?

Ingredients and Equipment:

– Coarsely ground coffee beans

– Cold or room temperature water

– A large container or pitcher

– A filter of some sort: Coffeesock, fine mesh strainer, or cheesecloth

Click to see our detailed BREW GUIDE: Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee, being made in a gallons size mason jar, with Haciendo Coffee Roasters beans

Tips for Making Great Cold Brew

1. Choose the Right Coffee: Most people seem to enjoy medium to dark roast coffee beans for cold brew, as they bring out rich, chocolaty, and nutty flavors. Some prefer lighter roasts because it can bring out the fruity and floral notes. Our Cold Brew blend combines a light roast Ethiopian coffee bean with a medium roast from Colombia for the perfect mix of flavors!

2. Grind Coarsely: A coarse grind prevents over-extraction and makes the filtering process easier.

3. Experiment with Ratios: Adjust the coffee-to-water ratio to find your preferred strength and flavor. We always err on the side of strong because it can be diluted. Too weak can’t really be fixed.

4. Keep It Clean: Ensure your brewing equipment is clean to avoid any unwanted flavors.

Cold brew coffee, on ice, in a Haciendo Coffee Roasters cup

Our Conclusion

Cold brew coffee is a versatile, delicious, and convenient way to enjoy coffee, especially during warmer months. Its smooth, less acidic profile makes it a favorite among many coffee drinkers. Whether you’re new to cold brew or a seasoned enthusiast, experimenting with different beans, ratios, and flavorings can lead to delightful discoveries in your coffee routine. Try our Cold Brew blend and taste the difference!

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