What We Do

We are a micro-batch coffee roaster based in Taylor, Texas. We roast our coffee fresh using clean hot air. Most other roasters use gas to heat the coffee slowly in a drum. Using hot air keeps the beans at a more consistent temperature and removes the chaff from the coffee earlier in the roasting process which helps keep the burnt and smokey flavor from the coffee, producing a really clean and flavorful cup.

Our coffee is sourced and purchased through direct trade relationships with farmers/producers through green coffee importers in country of origin or here in the United States. It is a very personal process to us because we believe that good coffee starts in the ground. Traceability and sustainability in the supply chain are important to us in order to maintain the livelihood and financial future of the farmers as well as to improve the coffee experience for the consumer.

We really believe that coffee is for everyone and that coffee is powerful. We think coffee can be a great tool for connecting people. Over a cup of coffee people can have conversations of all kinds—inspiring and encouraging, difficult and shattering, life changing, or just small talk. We tend to think that going all the way back to the coffee farmer and their culture, to the person enjoying a cup at home or in a shop, coffee is for everyone and change can happen as a result of coffee.

Coffee For All

My people, your people, all people.

Coffee didn’t begin in Europe. Like a lot of good things, coffee has a beautiful beginning but complicated history. For various reasons, much work went into disconnecting coffee from its roots. At Haciendo Coffee, we want to be a reminder, to help reconnect coffee to the culture from which it came.

Who We Are

Billy and Tasha are high school sweethearts that have been married for 16 years. We recently moved our family of five from DC back to small town Texas in pursuit of a dream. We co-founded Haciendo Coffee together in Taylor, TX.

Tasha does most of the branding and marketing for Haciendo Coffee. She is also a freelance graphic designer and self-published author. Tasha founded Duck City Sweets, where she bakes and decorates custom cookies and cakes.

Billy is our lead roaster and green coffee buyer. He is also a musician and producer. You may have seen Billy at a Farmers Market or some local hangout spot around Taylor, Texas.

We Need One Another

Coffee has a way of bringing people together. Since making its way from Ethiopia to the rest of the world, people of almost every culture have enjoyed coffee. Growing, roasting, brewing, and drinking coffee brings about ceremony, ritual, stories, and––maybe the most important thing––conversation.

Being able to have honest, authentic conversations allows us to build communities where we can grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our hope is that we can use coffee to help support our family, while simultaneously building a community that fosters healthy growth and, in turn, promotes collaboration that propels everyone into creative, holistic living.