The Story So Far

We are a micro-batch specialty coffee roaster based in Taylor, Texas, founded by Billy & Tasha Wiginton. Our journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic when our family faced a job shift and relocated across the country. Fueled by creativity and driven by the need for a business venture, Haciendo Coffee Roasters was born.

We take pride in addressing the lack of representation for Latino or minority-owned roasters and coffee shops within the coffee industry, despite their significant contribution to coffee cultivation. Our mission is to bridge this gap, connecting you with the rich cultural heritage from which coffee emerged while embracing your own roots in the process.

At Haciendo Coffee, we believe in the transcendent power of coffee to unite individuals through meaningful conversations, embracing the differences in cultural backgrounds. Our brand and product curation create an inclusive and welcoming space for those who may not feel represented in the current majority third wave coffee culture.

Diversity and representation are fundamental in the coffee world. By embracing our own Mexican and Indigenous heritage, we strive to inspire positive change within the industry and celebrate the cultural contributions of all coffee producers. Fostering a community that embraces and appreciates the diversity that coffee brings to the world is at the core of our beliefs.

With a focus on ethical and sustainable practices, we prioritize relationships with farmers and green coffee importers, ensuring traceability, sustainability, and the well-being of the farmers. Our unique air roasting technique sets us apart from traditional roasters, delivering a consistently flavorful cup of coffee.

The Owners

Howdy y’all! We’re Billy & Tasha.

We met in high school and have been married since 2004. We recently moved our family of five from Washington, DC back to small town Texas. We love tacos, Star Wars, and fútbol!

The Coffee Shop

We project an impressive 30% growth in 2023, fueled by our online sales, including subscriptions, and our presence in farmers markets and pop-up events. We are proud to have already shipped our coffee to 48 states and Canada! As we embrace our current growth trajectory, we are working on expanding our roastery into a brick and mortar coffee shop in Taylor, Texas. With the town’s population projected to surpass 22,000 people by 2025, it offers a promising market for specialty coffee.

Expanding into a brick and mortar coffee shop, we offer freshly roasted beans, local pastries with Texan and Mexican influences, and occasional savory items like breakfast tacos, all in an inclusive environment. Education is key to us, and we plan to offer classes and events to enhance our customers’ appreciation for specialty coffee. Our passion for coffee fuels our journey, and we’re dedicated to “good coffee for all people” and driving positive change in the world of coffee.