About Haciendo

A Vision

“What is the biggest dream you could dream? What makes your soul burn? What’s that one thing you want to do, but only God could make it happen?”

In October 2019, at a small group meeting in our home, a visiting couple asked us those very interesting, but very difficult questions. We had a basic idea… some thoughts strung together, but nothing concrete. Those questions overwhelmed our thoughts and burdened our prayers for months. So, we allowed ourselves to dream a little, and this is what we envisioned:

People. Shared meals and stories around dinner. Spontaneous worship around firelight. Encouragement to embrace freedom in Christ and worship Him fully with whole lives – through talents, personalities, gifts, and vocation. Questions, doubts, fears, hurts, and failures graciously welcomed and worked through in an authentic real-life community of Believers.

We are intentionally pursuing our mission to connect and equip people through written, recorded, and live content within our homes, neighborhoods, communities, and in partnership with our local churches. Eventually, we see this dream evolving into a physical place, in the outskirts of Austin, just close enough to be part of the thriving artist community, but far enough out to offer a retreat from it all. Imagine a peaceful plot of land with communal space for events, workshops, and creative endeavors, as well as small private dwellings for retreats, sabbaticals, and on-site internships. A physical place, that we believe, is imperative to our mission of moving theology and worship from theory to practice.

We wholeheartedly believe in doing this Kingdom work of teaching and inspiring people to live holistically worshipful lives as Christ intends, and are prayerfully seeking the Lord as we endeavor to grow and include others in this mission.

Why Coffee?

Not just coffee. But it starts there.

Coffee has a way of bringing people together. Since making its way from Ethiopia to the rest of the world, people of almost every culture have enjoyed coffee. Growing, roasting, brewing, and drinking coffee brings about ceremony, ritual, stories, and––maybe the most important thing––conversation.

Being able to have honest, authentic conversations allows us to build communities where we can grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our hope is that we can use coffee to help support our family, while simultaneously creating a community that fosters healthy growth and, in turn, promotes collaboration that propels into creative, holistic living.

Who We Are

Firstly, we’re not perfect. We’re just people with a dream to see everyone live lives that are free to worship Jesus with their talents, personalities, gifts, vocation––with everything we have.

Second, we don’t want fans or followers. Our adoration belongs to Jesus, and think yours should too. As much as you need encouragement, so do we. We want friends that hold each other up, not a following that looks to one or a few to lead it.

Third, we’re not experts and believe we’re better together. Our heart is to see this dream transformed into a community of like-minded believers that get the vision and want to run with it. Please hit us up if you feel that nudge in your heart.

So who are the people in the picture? We’re Billy and Tasha, high school sweethearts that have been married for 16 years. Tasha homeschools their three kids and works as a freelance graphic designer and self-published author. Billy is a musician and producer with a background in vocational ministry. We recently moved our family from DC back to small town Texas in pursuit of this dream.