Embracing the Fourth Wave of Specialty Coffee at Haciendo Coffee Roasters

At Haciendo Coffee Roasters, our love for specialty coffee transcends mere appreciation for flavor. As a family-owned, Latin inspired coffee roasting company based in Taylor, Texas, we find ourselves increasingly embracing the fourth wave of specialty coffee. This movement goes beyond the exquisite taste of a well-roasted bean; it’s a celebration of transparency, sustainability, and the artisanal craftsmanship that defines our approach to coffee.

The Haciendo Coffee Roasters team at Austin Coffee Fest 2023 displaying some of their air roasted whole bean medium roast coffee. Embracing the Fourth Wave

Unveiling the Fourth Wave

1. Transparency Matters:
In the fourth wave, we open the doors to the journey of coffee, inviting you to explore the origin of our beans, the meticulous farming practices, and the relationships that bind producers and roasters. At Haciendo Coffee Roasters, transparency is not just a trend; it’s our commitment to connecting you with the soul of every cup.

2. A Sustainable Sip:
Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle in the fourth wave. Our environmentally friendly farming practices, fair wages for producers, and efforts to minimize our carbon footprint reflect our dedication to a sustainable coffee future. Every sip at Haciendo is a step towards a better, greener world.

3. Direct Trade Connections:
Forge a direct connection with the source. In the fourth wave, we embrace direct trade relationships, ensuring fair prices and fostering collaboration between our roasters and coffee producers. This hands-on approach contributes to the exceptional quality and uniqueness of our beans.

Embracing the Fourth Wave by buying direct from farmers

Elevating the Experience

4. Brewing Mastery:
Beyond quality beans, the fourth wave at Haciendo Coffee Roasters places a spotlight on brewing methods. From pour-over to AeroPress to siphon brewing, our team explores diverse techniques to unlock the nuanced flavors inherent in every batch of our coffee.

5. Artisanal Craftsmanship:
At Haciendo, we believe that coffee is not just a beverage; it’s an artisanal product. The fourth wave celebrates the craftsmanship involved in every step of the coffee-making process. Join us in appreciating the artistry from cultivation to roasting to brewing.

6. Educate and Unite:
Education is key in the fourth wave. At Haciendo Coffee Roasters, we are passionate about sharing the intricacies of coffee with our community. From tastings to workshops, we aim to create a space where enthusiasts can learn, share, and revel in the beauty of specialty coffee.

Haciendo Coffee Roasters Brewing up Air Roasted Specialty Coffee in Taylor, TX using Hario V60 and Embracing the Fourth Wave


As you embark on your coffee journey with Haciendo Coffee Roasters, know that you are not just sipping a cup of coffee; you are supporting a movement that is all about embracing the fourth wave of specialty grade coffee. The unique characteristics of the fourth wave are a commitment to transparency, sustainability, and the artistry that defines our boutique coffee. Join us in celebrating the love for coffee that transcends borders and cultures, where every cup tells a story, and every story is worth savoring.

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