The Volcano

Nicaragua is a beautiful country known as “the land of lakes and volcanoes.” The coffee we source and roast is a Caturra variety bean from the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. In 1929, Don Felipe began growing Arabica coffee on his farm. Over the years, his family has perfected his processes ensuring the finest specialty coffee is produced. The farm’s future is safeguarded with sustainable practices and they are committed to the highest social, economic and environmental standards for their fellow Nicaraguans. Protected from the sun by a canopy of shade trees, the high mountain grown coffee cherries ripen slowly enhancing their pleasant flavor. Harvested by hand, the cherries are wet milled daily with spring water. The seeds of the cherries, or beans, are naturally dried in the fresh air and strong sun. The dried green beans are exported directly to Texas for roasting. We purchase this Caturra variety bean directly from the family and roast it in small batches to bring out the rich flavors.


  • Origin


  • Region


  • Variety


  • Process

    Washed / Sun Dried

  • Altitude

    1,900–2,000 Meters

  • Roast


  • Notes

    Medium body, smooth, sweet, citrus notes

  • Certifications

    Sustainably Farmed, Direct Trade

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