The Orchid (geisha)

Did you know that a big portion of the world’s orchids can be found in the beautiful country of Colombia? This country is also obviously known for its specialty coffee.

This Colombian Geisha is an exotic variety coffee. It is grown on Finca San Luis by Familia Arango in the Tolima Department. It is grown at almost 1,850 meters above sea level and is fully washed to enhance the clarity of the notes, fermented for 36 hours, and then dried for 20 days on raised beds. We roast this amazing bean in small batches in our home to bring out the vanilla, caramel, chocolate, brown sugar, and fruit notes.

This coffee is unique and only available for a limited time!

12 oz bag / $24

  • Origin


  • Region

    Libano Tolima

  • Process

    Washed / Sun Dried

  • Altitude

    1,850 Meters

  • Roast


  • Flavor Notes

    Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Brown sugar, and Fruit notes

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