How to Brew Good Drip Coffee

Even though this is a super common brewing method, a lot of people hate on this method, especially when it is using a Mr. Coffee machine or something similar. At Haciendo Coffee, we believe you can get good coffee out of just about any method. It’s about about the bean and the details of the brew method! First we are going to give you some tips to improve your brewing, then we’ll give the actual instructions below.

Here are some tips to improve your drip coffee:

1. Always use fresh coffee from Haciendo (whole bean/fresh ground, and no more than a couple weeks old if possible)

2. Use filtered water or some sort of good water. This helps with flavor and keeps your machine working well.

3. Use a good ratio (recipe). Most people drop the ball with this method by not using enough ground coffee. We recommend a 1:15 coffee to water ratio. See our full instructions below.

4. Don’t be afraid to use a spoon to help water distribution or to stir (agitate) the grounds a little bit during the brewing process. Using the right amount of coffee to water means your basket will be pretty full and the water distribution on these type of machines isn’t great.

5. Remove from heat quickly. Keeping the coffee hot or reheating causes chemical reactions that breakdown the complex flavors, so share the pot of coffee with family or friends. When you’re the only coffee drinker, pour the coffee that isn’t being consumed immediately into an insulated carafe if possible.


1 . Use a kitchen scale to measure out 120 g (about 24 TBSP) Haciendo Coffee. Grind to medium on whichever grinder you have.

2. Place a filter into basket, add coffee grounds, then put basket in coffee machine.

3. Fill the carafe or a pitcher with 60 oz (1800 ml) of filtered water, then pour into coffee machine.

4. Turn on and watch it brew!

We hope this helps you on your coffee journey or enhances your morning ritual. We would love to hear how you brew drip coffee. What machine do you use? Do you measure everything precisely? We want to hear any tips you have to share!

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