Chemex Brewing Method with Electric Kettle and fresh roasted specialty beans from Haciendo Coffee Roasters

Mastering the Chemex Coffee Brewing Method

Here is the “How To” from Haciendo Coffee Roasters—our Brew Guide to Mastering the Chemex Coffee Brewing Method. The art of Chemex brewing, can be a refined and rewarding coffee experience that highlights the true essence of our specialty coffee beans at Haciendo Coffee Roasters. The Chemex coffee brewing method is known for producing a […]

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Coffee roaster checks the beans to see if they are roasted to perfection


ROAST DAY At Haciendo Coffee Roasters, Monday is roast day. This ‘Day in the Life’ post from lead roaster Billy Wiginton, is a glimpse into what most of our Mondays look like: Preparing to roast: We start by preparing our all electric, hot air (fluid bed) roasting machine, making sure it is clean and in […]

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BREW GUIDE: Drip Coffee

How to Brew Good Drip Coffee Even though this is a super common brewing method, a lot of people hate on this method, especially when it is using a Mr. Coffee machine or something similar. At Haciendo Coffee, we believe you can get good coffee out of just about any method. It’s about about the […]

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