Mas Fuerte

Our limited release is back! ‘Mas Fuerte Que La Muerte‘ means “stronger than death.”

We believe that love, culture, and family are stronger than hate, fear, even death. We wanted to release a strong coffee that had bold and unique flavors and incredible artwork that represents what we believe. We looked everywhere for a coffee like this and ended up working with Carolina from Colombian Coffee Hunter to get this coffee here. We looked to Ashley Ulmer of Ash Ulmer Design for a design that we could pair with our typography. We are pleased to offer this incredible Pink Bourbon honey process coffee for a limited time!

Pink Bourbon is a rare and coveted finding. It’s an exotic coffee variety unique to Colombia—a hybrid between Red and Yellow Bourbon. This varietal excels in every way, from the striking pink color of its cherries to the extremely sweet and complex flavor of its beans.

Even under ideal growing conditions, growing Pink Bourbon is a challenge, so when producers are successful, the end result is well worth it—an elegant, clean and balanced cup profile, with floral tones and extremely sweet!

12 oz bag / $24

In addition to meticulous plant maintenance, growers must isolate their crops to encourage cross-pollination and continued production of pink fruit. Harvesting also requires an additional requirement: coffee pickers must look for subtle shades of color that separate under-ripe cherries from ripe cherries when picking by hand. Producer Don Omar hires up to 18 workers to pick cherries during the harvest season. He personally floats and sorts the cherries as he receives them from the workers and stores them in clean bags to rest overnight. In the morning, the cherries are pulped and fermented for approximately 36 hours laid out in a parabolic dryer. The parchment bean takes approximately 14 to 20 days to dry.

  • Origin


  • Region

    Libano Tolima

  • Process


  • Altitude

    1,850 meters

  • Roast

    Medium Dark

  • Flavor Notes

    Berries, Nuts, Cocoa, Caramel

How Much Coffee Should I Order?

Our whole bean coffees come in 12 oz bags. Brewing methods, cup size, and preference all will affect how far it will go, but a 12 oz bag should be about a two-week supply for 1-2 coffee drinkers. You can always increase, decrease, or pause your subscription if needed.

Keep in mind, you want your coffee to be fresh, so don’t order too many bags at once. It’s best to keep your order spaced out so we can deliver you the freshest and best tasting coffee.

One 12 oz Bag Is:


per whole oz


6 fl oz cups


per 6 fl oz cup