Cafe Expreso

Did you know that espresso is not a specific bean, bean blend, or roast level? Any bean or roasting level can be used to produce authentic espresso! We are excited to offer an Espresso option for those who enjoy a darker roast. Our dark roast is developed for longer in the roaster than our medium roast, but still isn’t burnt or oily. You can enjoy the caramelized and roasty notes without a burnt taste!

The bean we use for our espresso is a Garnica variety from Café Montefalco in Veracruz, Mexico. Montefalco was founded in 1986 by a group of local partners. In 1988 it was acquired by the Vargas Croda Family who continues to manage the company nowadays. Located in the Municipality of Ixhuatlán del café, Veracruz, at more than 1,100 m.a.s.l., its harvest begins in December and continues through March. They cultivate arabica varietals such as Costa Rica 95 and Garnica, with a washed and sun-dried process. Café Montefalco owes its name to the place where it was founded. It refers to the geographical area where it is located, being a mountainous place full of birds and the Falcon being one of the main ones at that time, therefore Montefalco refers to the Mountain of the Falcon.

As far as the name we chose, Café Expreso, we opted for the traditional Spanish way of spelling and pronouncing it, with a bit of emphasis on the X and a shorter S sound. Take that espresso snobs!

12 oz bag / $20

  • Origin


  • Region


  • Variety


  • Process


  • Altitude

    1,100-1,400 meters

  • Roast

    Medium Dark

  • Notes

    Dried fruit, bittersweet cocoa, silky body

How Much Coffee Should I Order?

Our whole bean coffees come in 12 oz bags. Brewing methods, cup size, and preference all will affect how far it will go, but a 12 oz bag should be about a one week supply for 2 coffee drinkers. You can always increase, decrease, or pause your subscription if needed.

Keep in mind, you want your coffee to be fresh, so don’t order too many bags at once. It’s best to keep your order spaced out so we can deliver you the freshest and best tasting coffee.

One 12 oz Bag Is:


per whole oz


6 fl oz cups


per 6 fl oz cup