The Chemex is a beloved brewing method that came on the scene in 1941, so it has been around a while. It is pretty simple pour over that can be done easily by beginners or tweaked and perfected by the pros. One factor people love is that the filters are thicker and seem to filter out more of the unwanted oils that produce bitter flavor notes.

Here are a few tips from us on how to get a clean cup:

1. Always use fresh coffee from Haciendo (whole bean/fresh ground, and no more than a couple weeks old if possible)

2. Use filtered water or some sort of good water. This helps with flavor and keeps your kettle from buildup.

3. Use a good ratio (recipe). Most people don’t have one locked in so their brewing is inconsistent.

4. Use a scale to measure the coffee and to monitor the water during the pour.

5. Get the right grind size for each new coffee you try. Doing this will ensure the pour is good.

6. Let it bloom! (the bloom is when you wet the grounds and let them de-gas for 45 seconds)

7. Slow down your pour! The total brewing time with bloom included should be about 3mins

Chemex Coffee Brewer
  • Ratio

    1:17 Coffee to Water

  • Tools

    Chemex, Paper Filter, Gooseneck Kettle,
    Scale or Measuring Spoon

  • Coffee

    40 grams (8 Tbsp) medium grind

  • Water

    680 ml (23 oz) filtered water

  • Process

    Pour 80g of water and let bloom for 45 seconds,
    Slowly pour the remaining water in a circular motion,
    Agitate when all water is poured

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