Adventure Pour

Who doesn’t like an adventure? In our pilgrimage through the world of coffee we have encountered some amazing coffees from special places grown and produced by incredible farmers and families. Buying a bag of this means that you will get to try a full 12 oz of a one-off small batch from any single origin that currently has a crop in season. We will pass on the specific info with your bag when you order. Be adventurous and get a bag today!

12 oz bag / $20

  • Origin


  • Region

    Who knows?

  • Process


  • Altitude


  • Roast


  • Flavor Notes


How Much Coffee Should I Order?

Our whole bean coffees come in 12 oz bags. Brewing methods, cup size, and preference all will affect how far it will go, but a 12 oz bag should be about a two-week supply for 1-2 coffee drinkers. You can always increase, decrease, or pause your subscription if needed.

Keep in mind, you want your coffee to be fresh, so don’t order too many bags at once. It’s best to keep your order spaced out so we can deliver you the freshest and best tasting coffee.

One 12 oz Bag Is:


per whole oz


6 fl oz cups


per 6 fl oz cup